Premium Water-Soluble Extracts

Your food and beverage brands deserve the highest-quality ingredients to stand out in a crowded market. 

Discover how the power of extracts can revolutionize your formulations.

What We Do

Primal Essence processes pure oils and oleoresins into ready-to-use, water-soluble extracts for your food and beverage products.

Flavor, the Way Nature Intended

Primal Essence is not just another flavor house.

We are nature’s humble messenger.

We respect the R&D professionals who can synthesize flavors from scratch, but we think nature does it best.
Our extracts are processed using only natural, organic-certified methods so that all of nature’s goodness and flavors stay intact.

Pure essences, pure flavors. The way nature intended.

Small Business Service, Corporate Efficiency

Primal Essence is a family-owned and operated ingredient manufacturer that has supplied the food and beverage industry with natural, organic, water-soluble extracts since 1998.

Our dedicated team has over two decades of experience servicing food and beverage brands by providing uncompromising quality in all-natural extracts and outstanding B2B service.

Ancient Ingredients, Modern Methods

We utilize clean extraction methods like Steam-Distillation and Super Critical Fluid CO2 Extraction in order to bring you pure and powerful essences of nature.

Let Your Food Be Your Medicine

Phyto = Plant

Nutrient = Nourishment

When you use extracts in food and beverage products, your customers receive the benefits of phytonutrients that are retained throughout the extraction process.

Phytonutrients are chemical compounds naturally found in fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and plants.

These plant chemicals nourish our bodies and help us fight off diseases, and promote vibrant health.

Why Primal Essence?

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Unlock the Power of Natural Extracts

With Primal Essence

Finding the right ingredients for your natural and organic food & beverage products can be a challenge.

  • Consumer-driven demand for clean label and responsibly sourced ingredients are here to stay
  • Some of the purest flavors come from oils and oleoresins, but these ingredients can be extremely difficult to work with
  • High quality oils are hydrophobic, prohibitively expensive, difficult to responsibly source, and can be tricky to use

Primal Essence processes the world’s purest oils and oleoresins into water-soluble extracts using our natural proprietary methods.

Thanks to our special systems, the world of extracts is now cost-effective and accessible.

Consider this your official invitation.

See what the power of natural extracts can do for your products.